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Edgy Veg's Personal Workout Routine As A Vegan

How does Candice, Ms. Edgy Veg stay fit as a vegan? Well she tells all in her most recent blog post! Finding the right fitness supplements can be difficult as a vegan, but Herbaland has your back! Try out the Herbaland Pre-Workout Gummies before you start your activity, Electrolyte Gummies to stay hydrated afterwards and Vegan Protein Gummies to keep you full! 

“What’s your workout routine as a vegan, Candice?” I get asked this a lot. So, I wanted to share some examples of my workout routines throughout the week as well as exercises I switch up.

I usually try to get in 2 workouts a week during a super busy work week and aim for more depending on the week. Running this website and a small business keeps me incredibly busy but I know how important physical activity is for my mind, body and energy!

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Pre-workout for Vegans

Most pre-workout powders or supplements aren’t vegan and many use artificial junk. I’ve tested many vegan pre-workout products and I’m going to be honest, they all give my body jitters and anxiety. The only vegan pre-workout product that doesn’t give me jitters and 100% recommend is Herbaland’s pre-workout gummies which are vegan, low-sugar and use natural ingredients (non-GMO & gluten-free too!). They also taste like blue raspberry!

I’ve been using these pre-workout vegan gummies for a while now and love to have them before my 2 workouts a week! These workout gummies are formulated with 500mg of Beta-Alanine, 500mg of L-Citrulline, 35mg of Niacin, 1200mg of caffeine, BCAA and only 1g of sugar.  They give me the right amount of energy and endurance without the shakes and anxiousness.

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