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Something that is fundamentally important or necessary.

Our Essentials line offers a wide range of daily vitamins and minerals that are expertly formulated to enrich your day-to-day life. Made with high-quality plant-based, natural ingredients, and packaged in earth-friendly compostable pouches, our products provide a delicious and sustainable way to fulfill your daily nutritional requirements.

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Practicing healthy habits on a daily basis to achieve better physical and mental health outcomes.

Our Wellness line is a range of natural, plant-based supplements curated to support both mental and physical well-being.

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kids es·sen·tial

Something that is fundamentally important or necessary for growing kids.

Our kid’s essentials line was created to support the health and happiness of growing kids. Each product features kid-friendly berry-flavored bears that are tasty enough for the whole family and help support healthy growth and development.

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The state of physical well-being and activity.

Our active line features fitness supplements created to boost energy and performance. We worked with athletes to create products we knew would fuel them to the next level.

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Snacks with Benefits


Something that produces good or helpful results or effects.

Since we had to put a label on it… Snacks with Benefits, a gummy candy line with a little extra. These gummies are delicious enough to replace candy but also nutritious enough to be a healthy on-the-go snack. The best of both worlds!

Our original Good News Gummies are a plant-based, allergen-free, and low-sugar candy option that the whole family can enjoy.

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Good News Gummies

good news
/ɡo͝od/ /n(y)o͞oz/

Something that is positive, encouraging, uplifting, or desirable

Our original Good News Gummies are a plant-based, allergen free, and low-sugar candy option that the whole family can enjoy. Satisfy your sweet tooth with our healthy and delicious raspberry, blueberry, and peach flavors or get an extra kick with the sour gummy version. Our low-sugar treats are made with all-natural high quality ingredients and have the added benefit of plant-based fiber to promote healthy digestion. Packed in earth-friendly compostable packaging, we’ve made our gummies both tasty and sustainable for everyone to enjoy!

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