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Oh My! Gummies

Oh my! These gummies are the best candy around, with only 2 g of sugar and 25 g of fiber per pouch. Made from plant-based ingredients and all-natural flavours, these gummies are the perfect healthy snack!

Oh My! Stars feature our fun & funky flavours

Oh My! Berries feature our tangy sour flavours

Oh My! Bears feature our original fruity flavours

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key benefits

only 2 g of sugar per serving!

low sugar

Reducing sugar intake and opting for more low-sugar snacks have a wide variety of benefits. These benefits include supporting healthy blood sugar levels, maintaining energy levels, and supporting clear skin. Our Oh My! Gummies contain 2 grams of sugar and a blend of stevia leaf extract and monk fruit, making them a great low-sugar alternative to regular gummies - which usually contain around 21 grams of sugar per serving!

25 g of fiber per serving!

high fiber

Fiber plays an important part in a healthy diet and has many roles in the body, most notably supporting healthy bowel movements. Our Oh My! Gummies contain 25g of fiber per serving, making them a great and tasty way to get your daily fiber!

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Can I eat multiple packs of Oh My! gummies a day?

Oh My! gummies are unlike traditional gummies in many ways, but most significantly, there is only 2g of sugar and 25g of fiber. Because of the high fiber content, we recommend starting slow with just one pack a day if your typical diet doesn't contain a lot of fiber.

How are Oh My! gummies flavoured and coloured?

Like all our products, Oh My! gummies are flavoured and coloured with 100% natural ingredients.

Why are most gummies not vegan?

Most gummies contain gelatin, an animal by-product that is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans. We choose plant-based ingredients, such as pectin (a soluble plant-based fiber), for our gummies to keep them vegan!


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