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Herbaland D3 & B12 Gummies Are Now NSF Certified for Sport!

What This Means to Us 

At Herbaland, we strive to provide premium gummy vitamins that everybody can enjoy, regardless of their dietary preferences and restrictions. Inclusivity is one of our core values which is why we rigorously test our products to ensure that everyone, including professional athletes, can consume our gummy vitamins worry-free. We prioritize the consistency and quality of our products, so obtaining NSF Certified for Sports certification, in addition to our NSF Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) registration, was a no brainer.

Following extensive research and consultation with professional sports nutritionists, we decided that finalizing our NSF Certified for Sport certification for our D3 & B12 Gummies was essential for all our athletes. With community being another one of our core values, we decided to partner with the UBC Thunderbirds to produce a co-branded version of this vitamin, allowing their students and athletes to consume it with an ease of mind. 

Our NSF Certifications

 Find out more about NSF Certifications here.

What This Means For You

Whether you play sports recreationally or as a professional athlete, NSF is relevant for you. The products are certified after undergoing rigorous testing for banned substances and regular inspections and verification of facilities, suppliers, formulations, and labels. The series of tests certifies that the product is consistent, high quality, and made free of contaminants. 


Key Benefits 

  • Worry-free drug testing: NSF certifies products and inspects facilities for a range of banned substances identified by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and leading sports organizations. The MLB, NHL and CFL clubs are permitted to only provide and recommend products that are Certified for Sport, and players are urged to only use these products. The Certified for Sport certification is also recommended by the NFL, PGA, LPGA, CCES, CPSDA and Taylor Hooton Foundation as well as many other sports organizations.
  • Simplified vitamin supplementation: Our Vegan Vitamin D3 & B12 Gummies provide two essential vitamins athletes often lack. The D3 is sourced from Lichen and helps to support the immune system, boost energy, encourage a positive mood, and maintain strong bones and teeth. Vitamin B12 works alongside to aid your body’s metabolic processes and red blood cell formulation.  


Watch this video to learn more about the NSF Certified for Sport Program:

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