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NSF & NSF Sport Certification

Another milestone for Herbaland Naturals has been achieved! We have earned the GMP NSF and NSF for Sport Registration. It is a marker of Herbaland’s high quality standards and tireless testing. Now our nutritional gummies can be endorsed and enjoyed by professional athletes and coaches. This is a step forward towards our goal of becoming the world’s best gummies!


What is the NSF Registration?

The GMP NSF Registration is recognized by many world-leading organizations such as the World Health Organization and Standards Council of Canada. The registration is an award for our dedication to our craft – gummies. It is an accolade of high quality and respect given to select manufacturers for Dietary Supplements and we are honoured to have received it!


What is the NSF for Sport Certification?

The NSF for Sport Registration means that Herbaland has officially entered the big leagues! Our gummies meet the growing demands of professional coaches and athletes. Herbaland understands that their bodies must be in performance condition at all times. Now our gummies can be enjoyed and endorsed by our favorite professional athletes.


What being NSF and NSF for Sport Registered
means to Herbaland?

Creating the finest nutritional gummies is hard work. Being NSF and NSF for Sport registered means that our efforts to do what is best for our consumers and the planet is globally recognized. It is a signifier of our high-quality standards and incredible Herbaland team.

Herbaland strives to use only the best ingredients and manufacturing practices. Then, we conduct rigorous audits and testing (processes), both internal and external, to ensure everything is up to our high standards. It might sound simple, but it is a long and tedious process that we are proud of!

These registrations are a symbol of our expertise and credibility as Canada’s largest gummy manufacturer. It shows that what we are doing behind-the scenes to create our products is worth the hard work.

At the end of the day, we want to create gummies that you are proud to enjoy and give to your loved ones. These registrations mean our commitment to act with our consumers and planet in mind is not only appreciated by our customers, but the world.


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