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How Herbaland Practices Sustainability

In an era where environmental consciousness is more crucial than ever, Herbaland Naturals emerges as a leader within the wellness sector, with both innovative products and sustainable practices. This blog dives into why sustainability is truly a core value of Herbaland, showcasing how we set new standards for environmental stewardship in the health and wellness industry.

Transition to Compostable Packaging: The First Vitamin Gummy Brand to go Compostable

In an industry filled with plastic bottles, we saw firsthand how much environmental harm the industry as a whole is causing. We knew we had to make a change, and in April 2022, Herbaland began transitioning our gummy products from plastic bottles to compostable packaging. This innovative packaging solution is made with plant-based materials such as cassava, sugar cane, and cornstarch. Through this switch, we have diverted over 20 tons of plastic from landfills! We’re excited to see the positive compounding effects on the environment for years to come.

compostable packaging


Reforestation Efforts: Planting Seeds for the Future

Being a sustainable business is important, but so is being a restorative one. Herbaland's commitment to environmental restoration shines through its ambitious reforestation project. Since 2022, nearly 700,000 trees have been planted in collaboration with veritree, aiming for a long-term goal of planting 2.5 million trees. This initiative not only contributes to carbon offsetting, with 150,285 tonnes of CO2 to be sequestered, but also reinforces the importance of a restorative economy. Through tree planting, Herbaland has restored damaged ecosystems, provided 3,636 work days for tree planters, and reduced food insecurity within farm families from 56% to 8%. Our trees have been planted in a variety of places such as Kenya, Madagascar, Rwanda, British Columbia, and New Brunswick.

tree planting statistics


Conservation Partnerships: Safeguarding Biodiversity

Through its partnership with Raincoast, Herbaland has been able to play a role in conservation efforts within the Great Bear Rainforest. This collaboration focuses on protecting the rich biodiversity of the area, including the bears we love so much! Herbaland's involvement highlights the significance of corporate responsibility in protecting the natural environment.  Businesses have the financial capabilities to create change, and should use their platform to make a difference. We also like to get our own hands dirty, and actively volunteer to clean our local shoreline environment, by participating in The Great Shoreline Cleanup, an Ocean Wise initiative. By engaging in cleanups, the Herbaland team contributes to reducing pollution in aquatic environments, emphasizing the role of community action in environmental conservation.

Grizzly Bear in The Great Bear Rainforest Coming Out of Water

Photo by Eric Sambol


Promoting Sustainable Transportation: Herbaland x Mobi by Rogers

Herbaland's collaboration with Mobi by Rogers introduced 100 brand new e-bikes in Vancouver in 2022, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional transportation methods. Through this partnership, 13,844 kg of GHG have been saved! This initiative addresses the critical issue of transport emissions, encouraging Vancouverites to consider the impact their transportation decisions create. 

Two people biking the Vancouver Seawall on E-bikes


A Sustainable Future with Herbaland Naturals

Herbaland exemplifies how businesses can thrive while prioritizing the planet's health. Through its innovative compostable packaging, reforestation projects, conservation partnerships, climate-smart practices, sustainable transportation initiatives, and community engagement, Herbaland is at the forefront of the sustainable movement, using business as a force for good! Which is one of the reasons Herbaland became a B Corp in 2022!  As we continue to navigate the challenges of environmental sustainability, we hope to continuously improve how we operate as a business, and find new ways to make our future a sustainable one. 


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