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Home Hacks: Healthy Family Eating, Part 2

We are all too familiar with the golden question, How do I Get my Family to Eat Healthier? In most households, clean eating is a major priority — but Picky Pattys, time constraints and cramped budgets can make things extra difficult. That’s why we are very excited to share a few tips and tricks to make eating right easier for both you and your family! Be sure to check out part 1 for more great tips!
    1. Hydration Made Fun:
      There are a ton of ways to jazz up dinner beverages without loading on all the sugar!
      → Instead of pop, sub for a green smoothie!
      → Try sparkling or filtered water with added lemon, lime or berries. Fruit adds an extra flavor punch and the presentation is sure to entice even the Picky Patty at the dinner table!
    2. Lead The Way & Inspire Your Family: 
      Show your family how important fruits and veggies are to you, this way you can inspire them to feel the same way! The daily influence on your children is more impactful than you may realize. Integrate fruits and veggies throughout the day, during both meals and at snack times. Remind your kids about your time at the grocery earlier that week by saying “Remember these carrots you helped me pick out on Sunday? Could you help me wash them for dinner?” Conversations like this include, empower and engage your kids all while strengthening the family bond.
    3. Snack Prep: 
      This is a big one and a tough one. It will probably take a bit of practice, but once it’s in a routine it’ll surely stay there!
      Keep a large bowl on the kitchen counter with pre-washed fruit for your kids to snag on the go. Have vegetables pre-washed, cut up, and available in the refrigerator. Don’t hide them in your crisper, that's the veg graveyard! Fruits and veggies can be healthy fast food, having them prepped encourages grab-and-go snacking without the tummy ache.



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