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Home Hacks: Healthy Family Eating

We are all too familiar with the golden question, How do I Get my Family to Eat Healthier? In most households, clean eating is a major priority — but Picky Pattys, time constraints and cramped budgets can make things extra difficult. That’s why we are very excited to share a few tips and tricks to make eating right easier for both you and your family!

    1. Grocery Shopping IS a Family Excursion:
      Yes, it may feel more timely in the short run but I promise you it will save hours later! At your local grocer, let your little ones pick out new fruits and vegetables each week. From there you can figure out how to cook or prepare them in a healthy way together. Better yet, you can introduce the Eating the Rainbow Game. Pick 1 fruit or vegetable for every color in the rainbow! This way your family has a different color to enjoy every night of the week. This is an engaging (and tasty) way to ensure your family is eating a wide variety of whole foods.
    2. Make Meal Prep Family Time:
      Rather than dining out, stay in and make preparing clean meals a family bonding experience. Get your kids in the kitchen and create dishes together. Not only is this fun and educational, but it also encourages healthier eating habits for your kids. Starting young ensures that healthy habits will follow your little ones up into adulthood! Give them age-appropriate tasks and don’t forget their chef's hat and stepping stool! Confidence is key ;)
      Once dinner is on the table, you can take it a step further. Remind your kids that this is the ______ they picked out at the store…  that they also cleaned, prepared and cooked too! Participating in the process makes them feel invested in their food, but watch out or they might demand finishing it all!
    3. Remember to Eat Together:
      Eating together strengthens family bonds and demonstrates how important it is to spend time with your loved ones! Not to mention — picky eaters are more likely to try new foods when they see the rest of their family enjoying those same foods. Sitting at the table (instead of in front of screens) also encourages mindful eating and trains children to listen to their bodies.
    4. Meals Can be Fun To Eat: 
      The key here is variety. Eat the rainbow, eat seasonally and pick out new herbs and spices! You can also swap simple plates for individualized ones, skewers instead of forks and make fun shapes in dinner ingredients. These are simple tricks — but they work, and eating healthier starts with tiny adjustments, not major lifestyle changes.
      It’s the small adjustments that make a big impact to promote healthy living for your kids for years to come. Adjustments like swapping table salt for Himalayan salt or sugar-filled sodas for smoothies — these switcheroos only take a minute and will benefit your family’s health for years.

Happy Eating :)

Stay tuned for part 2!


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