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Gummies for All Outdoor Activities

We wanted to share our secret to maintaining focus and energy throughout any workout or outdoor activity so you can achieve your peak performance all season long!

Whether you’re new or experienced to working out, we have rounded up the best gummy vitamins to enhance your workouts AND results.

We love staying active and healthy at Herbaland, and with summer nearly over, there is no better time than right now (or excuse!!) for us and for YOU to get outside, enjoy some extra vitamin D and keep up on fitness goals using our favorite gummy vitamins!


So how do we suggest staying active this year?

  • Hiking
  • Jogging
  • Cycling
  • Rollerblading
  • Kayaking / Canoeing
  • Paddleboarding
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Swimming
  • Beach Workouts

Here’s what gummy vitamins you will find in our bag this summer and why we like using them for outdoor activities!


Vitamin gummies to enhance your activities:

Herbaland Gummies Multivitamins

Gummies for Adults: Multivitamins

Fill any potential nutrient gaps using our adult multivitamin gummies! These gummies contain essential vitamins and minerals that are crucial to supporting immunity, strong bones and muscles while increasing energy and recovery.

Recommended for all adults at any fitness level. For best results take 2 gummies 2 times per day with a meal!


Pre-Workout Gummies

If you’re looking to kick your outdoor exercise up a notch, pre-workout gummies are for you. This can be applied to all exercises (not just inside the gym), especially those looking for extra focus, endurance and energy. So before you head out on the trails or jump on your bike, fuel up with our natural and effective pre-workout gummies to get the most out of your workout!

Fitness level:

Recommended for all levels to greatly enhance performance, strength and energy. Take 30 minutes prior to physical activity for the best results.

Recommended sport:

Beach workout, long-distance jogging, hiking, cycling or kayak/canoeing

Electrolyte Gummies by Herbaland



These are essential to maintaining hydration in every cell of the body, and hydration is KEY to achieving peak performance. Not only that, but during these hot summer months you of course sweat more, which can lead to higher risk of dehydration and even heat stroke unless you supplement and hydrate correctly. 

Fitness level: Recommended for all levels, and highly suggested for all outdoor activities, especially on warmer days. Use one serving before or after physical activity to balance hydration and enhance performance. 

Recommended sport:

All outdoor physical activity, especially beach volleyball or workout, long-distance hiking, cycling jogging, kayaking/canoeing!

BCAA Herbaland Gummies



Branch chain amino acids are great for high exertion exercises such as jogging, or beach volleyball. BCAA’s are the essential building blocks to protein and will benefit you from start to finish by increasing energy, building muscle and speeding recovery. 

Fitness level: Recommended for all levels, especially those looking to build muscle. Take one serving 45-90 minutes before physical activity. 

Recommended sport:

Jogging, cycling, kayaking/canoeing, swimming, paddle boarding and beach workout. 

Protein Gummies by Herbaland


Vegan Protein Gummies

Protein is considered the most fundamental nutrient for supporting the body after physical activity, which is why we developed our vegan protein gummies! They contain 10g of protein per serving, plus fiber and taste delicious. Conveniently packaged into our compostable single-serving sachets, so you can take them anywhere with you on the go!

Fitness level:

Suggested for all levels and should increase intake if you’re looking to enhance muscle mass, or become more active. Take one serving before or after physical activity. 

Recommended sport:

Highly recommended for all indoor and outdoor physical activity! 


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