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We Have Upgraded our Gummy Formula!

We are very excited to announce that we have recently upgraded our vegan gummy formula to ensure that we are providing the highest quality and most effective products!

The main ingredient change you will be seeing on your future gummy bags or bottles is from tapioca fiber (IMO) to Non-GMO corn fiber. Not only does this new fiber improve the taste and texture, it also has some awesome benefits!

1) Great for Digestion
Our new soluble fiber contains prebiotics, which are specialized plant fibers that act as food for good bacteria within the gut. As a result, our new fiber is able to support gut health and improve digestion!

2) Lower Glycemic Index
The new non-GMO soluble corn fiber has a low glycemic index (less than 5), which means that it slows down the elevation of blood sugar levels after it is digested. Foods with a low glycemic index can aid in weight loss and lower the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

3) Improved Texture
These gummies have a much gummier texture than our old formula, making our plant-based gummies a lot more similar to traditional, gelatin-based gummies. Eating healthy snacks has never tasted so good!

4) Non-GMO and Sugar-Free
Like all our ingredients, the new fiber in our gummies is Non-GMO and contains naturally derived nutrients. It is also gluten-free and allergen-free, fitting our #1 guarantee to provide products that are both delicious and inclusive!

Try out the new formula on our website today!


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