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Why Plant-Based Ingredients are Better

Herbaland had a goal in 2009: to try and fill the gap in the gummy vitamin market. There was a demand for high-quality gummy supplements and very few companies doing a good job of it. That’s where Herbaland stepped in and began formulating the cleanest, high-quality, lowest-sugar and (best of all) vegan gummies for both adults and kids.


So, what’s the secret to creating their clean and nutritious vegan gummy supplements?



pectin plant based fiber



That’s what sets us apart -- but what is it? Pectin is a soluble plant-based fiber found in the cell walls of fruit. It is most abundant in plums, apples, pears and citrus fruits. It is used as a vegan friendly thickening agent because it creates a semi-solid gel substance -- aka making our supplements “gummy”!



Traditionally, gelatin is used to create gummies (both the candy and supplement form).  It is widely used in a variety of products from pharmaceutical drugs, supplements, candy and even personal care items. You may have heard of gelatin before - it’s an animal by-product, derived mainly from the bones, connective tissue and skin of poultry and fish. Sounds appetizing, right?

plant based ingredients herbaland


Since gelatin is derived from animals, it is not suitable for vegans or vegetarians, which is why Herbaland does not use the not-so appealing ingredient. Luckily, the result of using pectin over gelatin is much the same when trying to achieve the perfect gummy texture -- there is virtually no difference!


 Making a Bold Statement

Herbaland went outside of the box when formulating their delicious gummy recipe and significantly impacted the supplement market, making a name for plant-based alternatives, thanks to the help of pectin!

As we have learned, Herbaland uses the best quality ingredients, so it comes as no surprise that their pectin is sourced only from fresh organic fruits -- that sounds a lot tastier than gelatin! Plus, it is a more nutritious and cleaner way in creating quality gummy supplements.

That’s right -- nutritious! Pectin is also packed with nutrients since they come from plants. From supporting heart health to regulating blood sugar they contain an array of amazing health benefits and have been widely studied for years.


Health Benefits of Pectin

  • Vegan/vegetarian alternative to gelatin
  • High in fiber
  • Regulate blood sugar
  • Lower bad cholesterol
  • Support heart health
  • Great prebiotic food
  • Enhance bowel care
  • May offer anticancer effects in colon and prostate cancer
  • May be beneficial for many health concerns: metal toxicity, GERD, heart disease and diabetes


Pectin is vegan friendly, nutritious, offer countless health benefits and are more sustainable in comparison to gelatin -- hence why it was truly a no brainer for Herbaland when they decided to use this star ingredient!


Demand for Plant-Based and the Environment

Did you know that eating more plants can have a great impact on our planet?

As the demand for plant-based products increases, the demand for animal products decreases. This drop in the demand for animal products helps contribute to a reduction in animal welfare, the impacts of climate change and helps to minimize water and agricultural land use! 


The Bottom Line

Do your body and the planet some good, by choosing Herbaland supplements! We know you lead busy lives and it can be hard to meet all of our daily nutritional requirements. That is why all of our ingredients (like pectin) are hand-chosen with care for you AND the planet. Supplementing has never been more sustainable, convenient or tasty thanks to the Herbaland team!

Written by Kali Pappas | CNP


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