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Vitamin Basics: Getting in Routine for 2021

Don’t get struck with the post-holiday funk! Make 2021 your year by starting it off the right way, with our top wellness recommendations to help you achieve your goals! Check off your New Year’s resolutions with us and learn how they can help you stay on track.


Top 5 gummies you should add to your New Years routine

Vegan D3 and B12, Vitamins, Gummies

Vitamin D & B12

Vitamin D is so important to supplement with because we can’t obtain it from food alone! It is needed for immune function, mood, and to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy. Although it can be produced by cholesterol in your skin when exposed to the sun, it is difficult to obtain a sufficient amount from sun exposure alone, especially in the cold and dark winter months. B12 on the other hand will boost your energy levels and help with red blood cell production, providing you with that extra push you need to take on whatever comes your way.

Benefits: Improve mood, Increase energy, Immune support


Vegan Fruit, Veg and Fiber, Vitamins, Gummies

Fruit, Veg & Fiber

Replenish your body with those important nutrients you skipped out on during the holidays. Fruit, Veg & Fiber Gummies are designed to boost your fiber intake, which can improve digestion and promote regular, healthy bowel movements, so you can beat the post-holiday bloat and get back to feeling like your (regular) self again.

Benefits: Improved digestion, Promote regularity, Increase fiber


Vegan Multi, Vitamins, Gummies


Supplementing with a multivitamin will ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs daily to make sure you’re filling those nutrient gaps you can’t see! Vitamins and minerals are essential as they help regulate our bodily processes, therefore you can assure that supplementation will keep things running sound and smooth, while reducing your risk for developing dangerous diseases. 

Benefits: Improve mood, Increase energy, Immune support, Fill nutrient gaps, Reduce risk of disease


Vegan Calm Naturally, Vitamins, Gummies, Stress Support

Stress Support

Post-holiday stress is just as real as holiday stress! Although stress is very normal, too much of it can take a toll on your body, throwing everything off balance and affecting your mental wellbeing, mood and even sleep. Bring your body back into balance with a supplement that can provide a natural boost of support to help you feel like yourself again. Introducing the latest addition to our gummy family: Calm Naturally Gummies!

Benefits: Ease stress and anxiety, Improve sleep quality, Balance mood


Electrolyte, Vitamins, Gummies, Fitness


You know the drill! New year means back to a solid workout routine, and remember folks -- exercise releases endorphins, endorphins make you happy! They also help to ease pain and stress, which is why it’s so crucial to your wellbeing. Branch chain amino acids are essential to us because they can’t be produced by the body. They are the building blocks of protein and necessary for maintaining muscle mass. Therefore, supplementation will help boost muscle growth while enhancing performance by persevering glycogen stores. Create healthy habits by choosing Electrolyte as your go-to workout supplement and provide your body with the tools it needs to build muscle, increase energy and reduce muscle soreness.  

Benefits: Increase energy, Build muscle faster, Reduce fatigue, Aid in weight loss


Our gummies are designed to keep you healthy and happy in a convenient, tasty way, and are a great addition to any lifestyle! Helping you conquer anything that life throws your way, so get off on the right foot this New Year with Herbaland Gummies. If you need a little more convincing to take your vitamins, here’s the cherry on top: our supplements are completely vegan, gluten free, non-GMO and sugar-free, so you can feel good about what you’re putting into your body -- cheers to the New Year!

Written By: Kali Pappas -  Nutritionist, CNP


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