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Vegan Collagen Booster Top Skin & Beauty Trend

Vegan Collagen? Yes, we got it! Our Vegan Collagen Booster Gummies are a great way to boost your internal collagen production naturally. Plus, they taste like watermelon and are delicious 🤤. Check out this excellent article written by our friend Anna Bennett from White Glove Social Media and what she thinks about them!


Vegan Collagen Boosters and Supplements for Glowing Skin

Vegan collagen has been a trending topic for some time now and as you can see in the graph below it continues to climb up in search. Since clean beauty and skin care is a favorite topic of mine I wanted to do more research before I considered taking another supplement on top of the 12 vitamins I’m already taking every morning! Okay ladies let’s find out what vegan collagen boosters are all about! Starting with what the heck collagen is.


What is Collagen?

Collagen is a protein that forms connective tissue throughout your body, from your bones to your skin. It’s like a glue that holds you together.


 How Do You Get Collagen?

Our body naturally produces collagen everyday but after the age of 25 we slowly produce less. You can get more collagen in your diet by regularly consuming foods like bone broth and by eating foods rich in protein like; chicken, beef, eggs, dairy, legumes, nuts, whole grains, and a variety of fresh produce. You want to include fresh vegetables and fruit that are high in antioxidants because they help protect the body from oxidative stress that can destroy collagen.


Why Should We Care About Collagen?

Collagen protein has been shown to reduce wrinkles, keep joints strong and flexible, support strong bones and keep you hydrated. Now, that’s important don’t you think?


 How Do You Repair Collagen?

By adding more of the nutrients mentioned above into your diet plus...

Antioxidants - Getting natural antioxidant (Vegan collagen: Lycopene, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A) nutrients from bell peppers, carrots, broccoli, and other nutrient-rich veggies is an excellent way to protect body collagen.

Zinc - Zinc activates the proteins that make collagen. The highest sources of zinc will be found in shellfish, like oysters.

Organic Sulfurs and Amino Acids - Garlic, shallots, leeks, and onions are wonderful sources of lipoic acid, taurine, and other organosulfur compounds that repair existing collagen in the body.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids & Hyaluronic Acid - Omega-3 (from fish oil) and hyaluronic acid is vital for aging and protecting existing collagen.


Which Type Of Collagen Supplement Is Right For You? 

Did you know that there are several types of collagen supplements that are at your disposal? In fact there are actually more than 24 different types of collagen. So what you choose will depend on what you’re trying to achieve. For example if skin, hair and nail-related benefits are what you’re looking for then Type 1 Collagen will be your BFF.  Vegan collagen sounds really good. I am really temped to get some and try it out. Collagen makes up 75 to 80 percent of our skin. The middle layer of our skin called the dermis is where we find the collagen and elastic tissue. This is the layer that gives that full and plumpy look. Now that we know there are collagen supplements you can take what the heck is a collagen booster.


Why Vegan Collagen Boosters?

First, it’s a booster. That means it does NOT contain collagen. These products are typically designed for vegans who want to experience the benefits of collagen without ingesting collagen. A collagen booster is designed to help your body protect, repair, build, or enhance the collagen production process in the body. skin, hair, nails, joints, and ligaments. I decided to purchase Gummies for Adults: Vegan Collagen Booster (Sugar-Free) from Herbaland to try it for myself.



What's The Difference Between a Collagen Supplement and a Collagen Booster?

I reached out to Herbaland and this is what they had to say "The main difference in the effects of a collagen supplement versus a collagen booster is that with a collagen booster, you will see the benefits of the collagen throughout your body: skin, hair, nails, joints, and ligaments. With a collagen supplement, your body will direct the collagen to where you need it most. So, if you are taking the supplement to strengthen your nails, but your joints need the collagen more, you will not see the benefits in your nails".


How to Take Vegan Collagen Booster

If you’re 18 years of age and over you can take this booster. Take 3 gummies/day a few hours before or after taking other medications. I like the fact they are gummies which makes it convenient and the watermelon flavor is a lot nicer to taste compared to the standard vitamins. Okay, it doesn’t really taste like watermelon but its good enough for me.

If you’re pregnant or nursing you’ll need to consult with your doctor first.

The cost is $16 USD for 30 days’ worth. That’s not a cheap supplement but I’m really curious to see the results so I’m giving it a go for sure.



As a 50 something gal I’m always looking for quick and easy ways to improve my skin and health beauty. Hey if you look good you feel good right? I’ll be sure to update this post as soon as I finish my first bottle of Herbaland’s Vegan Collagen Booster.


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