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Herbaland Vegan Calcium and D3 Gummies for Adults

Did you hear the news? Our beloved Calcium and D3 gummies received a major upgrade: they are now Vegan. And you're going to love it. 
We've kept the mouth-watering strawberry and orange flavors, and simply updated the ingredients. The only thing we've changed is our source of Vitamin D3: it's now vegan!
  • Vitamin D3 is now derived from Lichen not Lanolin
  • An essential pairing of Vitamin D + Calcium: Vitamin D supports the body's ability to absorb calcium
  • Vitamin D helps regulate the immune system
  • Calcium is important in maintaining strong bones and teeth
  • Calcium is also needed for heart, muscle, and nerve health!

Herbaland Vegan D3 and Calcium Gummy Supplements


This new product update is part of Herbaland's ongoing commitment to making fun nutrition that is inclusive: available to almost everyone regardless of religious restrictions, dietary restrictions, allergies, etc. 


Build healthy habits as a family: We also have a kid's version


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