V-Day Gifts for Every Bae

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Valentine’s Day is a hallmark holiday associated with heavy indulgence like candy, chocolate and bottomless wine. Contrary to what people believe is expected of this romantic day, it really doesn’t have to involve overindulgence to be enjoyed! Take a different approach this year, that is inline with your partners health, by switching up your typical gifts with these healthy and fun alternatives. To show you really care with presents that aren’t gender specific and reap benefits long after this one single day!


Clean Candy

Herbaland Clean Candy Good News Gummies Gift

There’s no need for searching once you get your hands on Herbaland’s clean candy! Both original and Sour Good News Gummies are delicious and healthy options for all the candy lovers out there! Plus, we don’t call this clean candy for nothing (unlike the competitors), Good News Gummies are not only low in sugar, but contain nutrients like fiber to help keep those feeling full for longer, evenmore they’re vegan! And the best part? Your sweetie will never know they’re healthy unless you tell them, because they’re THAT good!



Herbaland Fitness Tracker Watch
This brand of fitness bands and watches are designed to help keep track of daily activities including steps, distance, heart rate, calories burned, sleep quality and more! These devices easily connect to smartphones via their user-friendly app, that stores activity data and progress to help people manage their health goals. Fitness trackers are meant to encourage more physical activity and motivation, which can help people reach and exceed their health goals, making it a practical and thoughtful gift for that special someone!



Herbaland Juicer Herbaland Valentine's Day Gifts for Health Unisex
Any will do! But don’t just stop there, present your love with some yummy handwritten recipes along with a fruit and veggie basket to help get them started! Start the morning off by whipping up a refreshing juice together, your extra effort will pay off in more ways than one. Juicing is one of the freshest and most effective ways to add more nutrients into any diet, plus it can be really tasty too! Use daily as an alternative to other common beverages like packaged fruit and veggie juice, soda and coffee for a healthier and happier road to wellness -- and hey, it doesn’t hurt that you can benefit too!


Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Cold Brew Coffee Maker Herbaland Valentine's Day Gifts for Health Unisex
We all know making it at home is healthier than going out to get it, that’s where the cold brew coffee machine will pay off big time! Skip the line ups, save money and live better with homemade cold brew. In addition to saving time and money, cold brew comes with an array of health benefits too! In comparison to hot coffee, cold brew is less acidic and more flavorful. The cold process slowly extracts important nutrients like antioxidants which can improve metabolism, mood and help with conditions like heart disease, diabetes and even neurodegenerative conditions. Take it a step further by picking up some organic coffee beans and start a batch so it’s ready for Valentine’s morning! Give the gift that gives back: health and remember organic is best!


 Written by Kali Pappas - Herbaland Nutritionist

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