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The Fullest: Herbaland Vitamins You Can’t Wait to Eat

Check out this feature on the fullest about Herbaland and our Beauty Collection!

Herbaland Gummies Are Vitamins You Can’t Wait to Eat


Quarantine is hard for many reasons. Aside from doing everything we can to not get sick (and not go insane), the whole beauty aspect of social isolation is yet another unwelcome perk that many people, about a month in, are rapidly starting to realize.


Acrylic nails are chipped, fake lashes — once perfectly applied — are now hanging on by their feathery strands, and, yes, your roots are showing. The days when we used to leave the house to get a facial for our skin, a blowout for our hair, or a gel-dipped manicure are over for the time being, and there’s nothing we can do about it but succumb to it and accept. Go natural for a bit! Let it all breathe. 


While there are far worse things to fret over, feeling good about yourself outside makes you feel good inside. Self-care is a priority for many and not leaving the house is training us how to take our “primp and pamper” sessions into our own hands.


I’ve been eating healthy, catching up on (a lot) of sleep, and keeping my immune system up with vitamins. My favorite at the moment are Herbaland’s Beauty Collection, which are perfect for hair, skin, and nails — bingo, hello!


"Not only do they taste delicious (like, they literally satisfy my 3pm candy cravings), HerbaLand gummies are sugar-free vitamins that boost your body’s natural defenses."


In addition to noticing more energy, focus, and a better mood (which might also be all the sleep I’m getting), my hair, skin, and nails are experiencing a resurgence of greatness that can’t be met with a spa session."


All Herbaland vitamins are made with the highest quality, most sustainable plant-based ingredients and the company opts for fair-trade and organically-farmed ingredients whenever possible. Because they are a Canadian company, they are held to rigorous health standards and subsequently have created some of the world’s cleanest (and tastiest) gummies — all vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO, fat-free, high in fiber, and CGMP certified. Win, win, triple win!


HerbaLand’s Beauty Collection consists of three confidence-boosting products: Their Vegan Collagen Booster is made with Amla Fruit, L-Lysine, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C and supports the body’s production of collagen (which is a protein that strengthens bones, muscles, and skin). Pure Beauty consists of Biotin, Folic Acid, Zinc, Fo-Ti Extract, and Vitamin B12 and aims to support nail strength, glowing skin, and overall health. And Acai Berry Twist contains Acai Powder, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E and supports vision, fights free radicals, and promotes a healthy digestive system and detoxification.


Because there’s no better time to detox all the bad out of life than now… at home. With your candy (I mean, gummies).


Lindsay DeLong is the Managing Editor of the fullest. Find her — chipped nails and all — at @iLikeLindsay on Instagram or on her personal site,


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