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Supplements with Vitamin B12 & D3 — Vegan Gummies Your Kids Will Love

Your kid’s health is one of your main priorities, understandably. You cook your meals from scratch and strive to meet your kid’s nutritional needs. To ensure your child receives vital nutrients, sometimes this includes using supplements with B12 or vitamin D3 to support your child’s well-being and immunity — something that’s crucial at a young age. 

From prepping fresh snacks to cooking balanced meals, you value a healthy lifestyle. This involves a healthy diet as much as regular exercise, time well spent at the jungle gyms, and taking in the fresh air in your favorite green space.

But despite your best efforts, sometimes you’re unable to meet your child’s nutritional needs with diet alone — courtesy of the many picky eaters we have at home. 

Vitamin B12 and D3 are two crucial nutrients that help your child develop in a healthy fashion: from healthy bones to strong teeth to a robust immune system and healthy brain development. They can be found in many fortified foods, such as fortified (plant) milk. 

These key vitamins are also available as supplements, specifically made with B12 and vitamin D3, that you can try as an alternative. Better even, you can find essential supplements in the form of vegan gummies that turn every picky eater into a rule follower.

Why Should My Kid Take a Supplement with B12? 

You know what it’s like. Despite putting a variety of foods on the table, the truth is that sometimes certain vitamins can fall short in your child’s diet, nonetheless. One of those key vitamins for your little one’s growth is vitamin B12, so trying a supplement with B12 can easily save the day.

Vitamin B12 is water-soluble and contains the mineral cobalt — which is why supplements with B12 are also known as cobalamin. Available in foods derived from animals, such as fish and poultry, as well as dairy products, you can also get your B12 from fortified cereals or nutritional yeast. The latter two are options highly preferred by plant lovers.

Here’s why B12 is crucial for your child’s well-being:


(1) Contributes to the Production of Red Blood Cells

Playing an essential role in the production of red blood cells (also known as erythrocytes), vitamin B12 is a key player when it comes to the health of tissues and organs.

Red blood cells have the critical task to carry oxygen throughout the body. As a result, the functionality of organs is strongly influenced by the amount of oxygen they receive, and the level of vitamin B12 in the bloodstream.


(2) Supports Your Child’s Bone Health

Another reason why you should consider a supplement with B12 for your child is the role vitamin B12 plays in bone health. With children still developing and their bones growing, this is particularly important.

Vitamin B12 can help increase bone density and support the bone marrow, making bones strong and healthy. 


(3) Gives Your Kid an Energy Boost

Kids spend a significant portion of their days at school and diligently learn new things until the bell dismisses them at 3 PM. With high demands at school and numerous extracurricular activities, a supplement with B12 can give your child a little extra energy boost to keep them going.

Vitamin B12 can convert fats and proteins into glucose, thus supporting your child’s daily energy needs. A little boost can go a long way — allowing your child to enjoy his activities without feeling tired.


(4) Aids in Healthy Brain Development

A lot of the things our kids do in their early childhood years can have an everlasting impact on their health. One of these aspects includes brain development, which is associated with your child’s respective cognitive function. 

Vitamin B12 is an invaluable nutrient that supports the healthy development of your child’s brain. Research indicates that insufficient intake of this important B vitamin can negatively impact your child’s health and adversely influence his cognitive abilities.¹

Being such a critical component of your child’s well-being and a key contributor to brain health, consider adding a supplement with B12 to your kid’s daily schedule.

Supplements with Vitamin D3 for Kids

B12 is not the only important vitamin out there, in fact, there are many more. One of these vitamins is vitamin D3, which can be found naturally in a handful of foods, such as salmon and other fortified foods, including fortified cereal and milk. You can also opt to give your child a supplement with vitamin D3, such as vegan gummies that are hugely popular — especially among the little ones.

Exposure to sunlight will produce vitamin D, as well, which is then converted into its active form, vitamin D3 when sunrays react with one of our skin proteins. So getting your kid outside to absorb some sunshine is always a good idea too. 

Nonetheless, the amount of vitamin D produced from sun exposure depends on several factors, including skin pigmentation and the time of day your child is outside. With the sun being one of the main sources, vitamin D has also been dubbed the “sunshine vitamin.”

Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps regulate many functions on a cellular level and comes with both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. But there’s more.

(1) Supports Healthy Bones

With vegan gummies available for kids, finding a great supplement with vitamin D3 for your child has become a whole lot easier. But why is vitamin D3 so important for her health in the first place?

Vitamin D3 is critical in allowing proper absorption of both calcium and phosphorus — minerals that are key components of healthy bones.² With childhood marking a phase of continuous growth and development, absorbing adequate amounts of calcium and phosphorous is imperative for good bone health.²


(2) Strengthens Your Kid’s Immune System

Besides supporting the function of nerves and muscles in your body, vitamin D is a key player in strengthening the immune system in its battle against bacteria, viruses, and pesky colds.³

You know what it’s like when a cold goes around your kid’s school  — you just know your child will bring it home within a matter of days and share it with everyone at home. A supplement with vitamin D3 can help you prepare your child’s immune system for the inevitable and support it in fending off these colds and viruses.

The Perfect Supplements with Vitamin B12 and D3 for Kids

Ready to give your child a little extra B12 and D3 to nudge her in the right direction and support her bone health and immunity? Herbaland’s new supplement with B12 and vitamin D3 was designed, specifically for the little ones — irresistible vegan gummies they will LOVE to take.

Each pouch comes with a 3-month supply of vegan gummies with a mouth-watering cherry watermelon flavor. No more making your kid take anything, they will want to take these supplements.

At Herbaland, all of our gummies are made with your health at the forefront of our minds. That’s why they’re all:

  • vegan,
  • sugar-free,
  • gluten-free,
  • and Non-GMO

Because we like to think of our environment during the production process as well, all our pouches are 100% compostable, and Herbaland pledges to plant one tree for each pouch purchased.

Ready to add a healthy habit to your kid’s day? Then try our newest kid’s gummies and add this yummy supplement with B12 and D3 to your child’s daily routine. They will thank you for it.

FDA Disclosure:

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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