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Simple Self Care Ideas for Stress Relief

With the current Corona Virus outbreak throughout the world, everyone has been feeling more pressure on their shoulders. Stress can pile up quickly, unless you find ways to relieve that stress!

Check out this helpful article from Anna at White Glove Social Media about "50 Simple Self Care Ideas For Stress Relief"

Here is what Ann had to say about Herbaland 😁

Build Your Immune System

Look for vitamins or supplements with elderberry. Vitamin C and Zinc are good too.

Check out what this Canadian company is doing! Herbaland, a vitamin producer is working to help those who are on the front lines taking care of our loved ones, our children, seniors and all who need extra care. This amazing company will donate 10,000 bottles of Immune Plus Gummies to nurses and doctors across Canada as part of their Community for Immunity campaign.

If you know any health care places in Canada that would benefit from Immune Vitamins please go to their website and leave a suggestion in the comment box. 



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