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Welcome to the Gummy Crew: Ariel

We are so happy to have Ariel as a part of our gummy crew! She started Janadian Apparel and International Trading Company which sells Hemp Apparel and International Trading goods from Canada and Jamaica. Ariel's vision is to "positively impact the world in order to leave it better than we found it for generations to come". Check out her website for more info here!


Say Hello to Our New Gummy Crew member Ariel a.k.a The Janadian! 

Recently I have found that I am on the go more than ever. 

While also still transitioning from omnivore to herbivore one of my number one concerns was "Am I fitting enough of the right nutrient-rich foods into my eating habits?"

Nutritional gaps can create a plethora of internal issues for the body and can leave negative effects on the way we experience our overall quality of life. 

In order to ensure I was following through on a more wholesome eating routine, I've made the effort to actively seek out some of the most delicious and nutritious plant-based foods and food companies.  

Many of the businesses that I have come across have now been incorporated into what I like to refer to as Janadian's Healthy Active Living Squad. Janadian's Healthy Active Living Squad will be featured all throughout the Autumn months in order to help many of us transition into a sustainable, realistic, ritualistic and habitual new season.

Read more at her blog...


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