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Omega-3: Plant-Based Supplementation with Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed oil takes center stage as the richest plant source of omega fatty acids in the form of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). It is converted (via enzymes) into EPA and DHA, our powerhouse omega-3s! Fatty acid consumption is associated with healthy hearts, brains, better moods, neurological benefits, decreased inflammation, as well as healthier skin and hair!

Omega-3 from Flaxseed Oil is converted to DHA and EPA in the body from Herbaland

What Does Plant-Based Omega-3 Help With?
Omega-3 is good for children's health  
Children's Health: Boosts immunity, aids in muscle and bone development, reduces fatigue, supports brain health, and cognitive learning.
Omega-3, especially flax oil, can be beneficial for skin problems like excema
Eczema: A common skin disorder, Eczema can be found in both children and adults. It is observed by dry, red, and itchy skin that may crack. It is generally caused by an allergy to foods, chemicals, or other substances like perfumes, soaps, and detergents. When combined with avoiding harsh skincare products — you can also relieve eczematous conditions with proper nutrition! Omega-3s improve skin elasticity and texture, making flaxseed oil the #1 choice in troublesome skin problems like eczema.
Herbaland Vegan Omega-3 is beneficial for heart-health
Heart Health: Eating foods high in ALA may help prevent and treat heart disease. People who eat a diet high in ALA are less likely to have fatal heart attacks, as flaxseed oil can lower those risk factors.
Omega-3 can help lower cholesterol
Cholesterol: Consuming flaxseed oil can help lower cholesterol levels. ALA found within flaxseed may play a role in decreasing LDL, the “bad” cholesterol.
Omega-3 Oils lower blood sugar and help manage diabetes
Diabetes Risk: Flaxseed oil may also help lower the risk of diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels and combating insulin resistance. 
Omega-3, especially flax oil, can be beneficial for skin problems like excema
Inflammation: It is highly important to get the right balance of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) since omega-3 fatty acids help reduce inflammation, while many omega-6 fatty acids encourage inflammation. 


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