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Herbaland & veritree: A Journey from Sustainability to Restoration

In today’s world, the resounding call for environmental action resonates louder than ever. It's no longer just about being sustainable; it’s about being restoratively proactive. That’s precisely what we are trying to do by partnering with veritree to plant trees, doing our best to leave a positive footprint on the earth we cherish.

Introducing veritree: The Heart of Restoration

veritree is a pioneering restorative platform that combines nature-based solutions with the power of technology. Through meticulous on-ground monitoring and cutting-edge blockchain verification, veritree doesn't just plant trees; it ensures transparency, builds trust, and forges a deep connection between restoration efforts and the communities and businesses that support them. It's about nurturing ecosystems, empowering communities, and crafting tangible climate solutions with care and data.

How You Become Part of The Story

Every time you choose Herbaland, you're not just opting for a product; you're helping us support a greener, more restorative future. This partnership invites you to join our movement to plant trees in communities across the world.


Herbaland's Pledge: Planting Seeds of Change

Embarking on a bold mission to plant 2.5 million trees, Herbaland's journey is a testament to the power of collective action. With over 700,000 trees already planted, each species and location is chosen with the intention to maximize both ecological balance and community well-being. From the resilient mangroves of Madagascar and Kenya to the fruitful agroforestry projects in Rwanda, each tree planted supports the environment and the local community.

A Tapestry of Green Initiatives

  • Madagascar’s Mangroves and Kenya’s Coastline: Shielding landscapes from erosion and nurturing marine life.
  • Canada’s Forests: Reviving the lush expanses with species like the Interior Douglas Fir, ensuring biodiversity.
  • Rwanda’s Agroforestry: Blending agriculture with forestry to sustainably benefit both environment and people.

The Ripple Effects of Our Joint Efforts

  • Trees Planted: 707,042—a green canopy sprawling over what would fill 19,731 studio apartments.
  • Carbon Sequestered: 150,285 tons, akin to removing 32,671 cars from the roads for a year.
  • Land Revitalized: Over 110.5 acres, providing 3,636 days of work to local communities, weaving a tapestry of life, livelihood, and environmental stewardship.

Learn more about our partnership with veritree on our website and on the veritree x Herbaland Impact Hub.

Together, We Grow

This collaboration between Herbaland and veritree is more than a partnership; it's a journey of heart, hope, and restoration. It's a narrative that each of us can contribute to, with every choice we make. As we forge ahead, let's remember that the power to nurture our planet lies in our hands. So here's to making every action count, to growing together, and to creating a legacy of restoration and love for the earth that sustains us all.

Together, let's plant not just trees, but hope for the future. 


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