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Healthier Living with Herbaland

Written by The Gift Refinery, a beautifully curated Canadian subscription box.

"While our brand has been all about sharing the inspiring stories of our community, offering conscious living insights, and introducing YOU to lifestyle products we love, we were excited to try something new this season by branching out into the world of wellness. 

We fully intend to keep on keepin’ on with the Curated, Conscious, Canadian lifestyle boxes you know and love, but we’ve gotta say – healthy living looks pretty good on us. 

Our collaboration with Herbaland to create the exclusive TGR Beauty and Rest duo of nutrient-packed gummy vitamins felt like the perfect way to bridge our love of beauty, wellness, and self-care. With custom packaging designed just for our Fall Box, this product embodies the essence of compassion we strive to provide our community. 

Herbaland is a Vancouver based, family founded company that produces vegan, gluten-free, low sugar gummy vitamins and supplements. Herbaland prioritizes sustainable manufacturing, using all-natural inclusive ingredients and supporting our community of Canadian run businesses.

In true TGR form, we’ve been pondering the ways introducing these gummies into our lives has helped us (and our community of #boxbabes) live more consciously. 
We’re excited to share three unexpected ways that adding gummies to your daily ritual can enhance your day. Read on!

A Grounding Ritual. 

With the shift from easy-breezy summer weekends at the cottage and fall-back-to-reality in full force, we’ve been seeing our routines fall by the wayside. With kids back to school (hi, #momlife!) and stacked days of meetings, those slow, easy mornings feel *real* hard to come by these days. We’ve found that incorporating these gummies into our morning routine has made a huge difference in the trajectory of our day.

It seems small, but adding this one grounding wellness moment allowed us to really check in with how we’re feeling and approach the day ahead with a renewed sense of peace.  

A Reminder to Nourish.

You may recognize this scene:

Getting up after hitting snooze one-too-many, stumbling downstairs bleary-eyed, chugging coffee, opening the laptop, and forgetting to eat breakfast... I don’t know about you, babe, but we are officially declaring this bad habit OVER. 
Feeling hangry by noon does absolutely nothing for approaching our day with the calm, conscious intention we crave. Because these fruity vegan gummies are best taken with food, this serves as an amazing reminder to have a bite first thing in the morning. Our anxiety levels are low, and our energy levels have never felt better!  

A Minute of Intentional Self-Care. 

Even if a full AM routine feels out of reach, you can’t tell us you don’t have 60 seconds to spend munching your morning snack + popping your daily dose of gummies. No matter how fleeting, this moment of intention is a simple step towards a more conscious lifestyle. Today, it’s one minute – maybe tomorrow, it’s two.

While these lifestyle benefits are significant, we can’t help but share the massive (proven!) health benefits these gummies hold, too. 

Our exclusive TGR Beauty and Rest Duo featuring our Calm Naturally and Vegan Collagen Booster gummies is a combination of Magnesium, B12, Vitamin C and L-Lysine that reduces stress and promotes glowing hair, skin and nails. Made with the highest quality ingredients these gummies will ensure that you are glowing from the inside out. 

Sound like something you’d like to incorporate into your wellness routine? Shop Herbaland, alongside 8 other incredible Canadian brands and products, in our Hello Fall box here. "

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