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Herbaland Halloween Crossword Puzzle

The smell of pumpkin spice and yummy clean candy is in the air. We at Herbaland are big fans of this time of year as we love candy, especially gummies!


Not all candy is created equal, as a lot of candy thats given out for Halloween is full of sugar and isn't inclusive to all. Here are some of the benefits of our clean candy:

  • Low-Sugar - There is only 2g of sugar per 50g pouch and 0g per 10g pouch
  • Plant-Based - Most gummies use gelatin as their gelling agent, which is made using animal products, but we use pectin in our clean candy, which is a plant-based alternative.
  • Nut-Free - Finding candy and snacks that are nut free as well as free from all other major allergens can be a massive pain. Have no worry with Herbaland Gummies as we are nut-free and free from all major allergens. 
  • Delicious - Candy isn't candy without being mouth-watering, and we make sure to make our fruity gummies just that


herbaland clean candy vegan plant based plant-based halloween treat


Do You want to play a game?

 Thank you to everyone who submitted their entry for the Herbaland Halloween Crossword Puzzle contest. The first three winners have been picked. We hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween! 🎃


How to Play

  1. Find the word/phrase to the bottom statements below.
  2. Fill in the crossword with your answers.
  3. If the word is correct, it will show the text color as green.



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