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Top Gummies and Tips to Keep You Healthy this Spring

As the clock jumps forward and the snow melts away, we begin to see green grass peeking through the ground, vibrant flowers blooming and birds chirping away in the clear blue sky. Which can only mean one thing: Spring is in the air!

However, sunnier skies, chirping birds and fresh blooming buds aren’t the only thing we will be hit with in the coming months, it’s also time to welcome allergy season. In order for these natural changes in the environment to occur, pollen must be produced. Pollen is the biggest allergy trigger of the season and it is released from trees, weeds, grasses and the like - Spring isn't named "allergy season" for no reason! Unfortunately, there’s no miracle cure to seasonal allergies, but there are fantastic options to help you better manage your symptoms.


Why do we get allergies?

When allergens such as pollen enter our body the immune system mistakes them as an intruder and releases antibodies to attack and destroy them. During this immune response, our body releases histamine in the blood, a chemical that triggers allergy-related symptoms such as: runny nose, sneezing and itchy eyes producing these unpleasant symptoms and the more exposure the worse your allergies will become.

Although there may not be a cure, there are natural ways you can improve your immune system to help manage your allergy symptoms this Spring in a fun and tasty way:

Top Two Essential Spring Gummies

sugar-free vitamin c gummy

Sugar-Free Vitamin C Gummies

Featuring Vitamin C: a potent antioxidant known to have natural antihistamine effects, this vitamin reduces the body’s natural production of histamine which can lead to better management of symptoms. It also helps to protect and enhance the immune system, damaged cells, skin and blood cells. One study found a decrease in participants who suffered bronchial sensitivity to histamine. This nutrient is considered to be a safe and effective solution to help manage symptoms of hay fever.

vegan d3 and b12 gummy

Vegan D3 and B12 Gummies

Vitamin D3 and B12 work together to protect the immune system and help maintain energy levels. These gummies provide the body with sufficient amounts of vegan Vitamin D and B12, which help reduce the development of allergies due to their positive impact on the immune system. Studies have also shown Vitamin D can specifically target and reduce hives and allergic rhinitis, along with other allergy symptoms.


By choosing this effective supplement duo you will finally be able to stop and smell the roses, while keeping your allergy symptoms at bay and maintaining a strong immune system! Check out these additional tips for managing allergens outside and around your home:


Tips for Managing Springtime Allergies

allergy season, reduce allergies
  • Reduce your allergy exposure
  • Stay indoors on windy days, keep your windows closed, avoid hang drying clothes outside, wash your hair after being outside, leave your shoes at the door

    air filtration, clean air
  • Keep your indoor air clean
  • Purchase an air purifier, dust and vacuum often, use air conditioning instead of opening windows or doors, clean/replace air filters, wash your sheets weekly and wear fresh pajamas to bed

  • Take natural antihistamines
  • Like the ones mentioned above in our recommended essential spring gummies, in addition to probiotics and herbs such as: stinging nettle, quercetin and bromelain
  • Limit your time outdoors
  • When you do go outside take an antihistamine and wear sunglasses to prevent pollen from getting in your eyes




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