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DailyHive: Essential Workers to Receive Vitamins

Community for Immunity is back for 2021! We are so excited to have Community for Immunity back and to show that kindness is never just a one time action.  Check out the full DailyHive feature about the campaign and a sweet giveaway along with it!

If you or someone you know is working on the front-lines that would be willing to accept a donation of vitamin gummies, please fill out the form.

Essential workers to receive 20,000 bottles of vitamins from local company

Almost one year ago, we first realized the severity of COVID-19 and its life-changing impacts on a global scale.

But no one could ever have anticipated that we would still be immersed in this tremendously difficult situation today. Among those hardest-hit by the pandemic are the essential workers who continue to give their all on the frontlines.

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In March 2020, Herbaland, Canada’s largest gummy manufacturer, stepped in to support these incredible individuals with its “Community for Immunity” campaign. The family-owned and operated company aimed to donate immune-supportive vitamin gummies to those in crisis.

This included groups of frontline workers like nurses, doctors, paramedics, and care home staff, plus vulnerable adults and children. Herbaland’s initial goal was to donate 10,000 bottles of Immune Plus Gummies, but after quickly ramping up, it donated more than 20,000 bottles — nationwide.

As community remains one of the company’s most cherished core values, it’s now announcing the launch of Community for Immunity 2021. This campaign acts as a reminder that kindness isn’t just a one-time action; it’s a dedication and accountability to our community.


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