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Community for Immunity 2021

What is Community for Immunity? 

Our Community for Immunity campaign started in 2020 during the uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic, affecting millions of people worldwide. None of us could have predicted the events around this pandemic, including the rise and longevity to date.

We wanted to come together as a brand and community to help, support and do our part in flattening the curve while providing support the best we could to our incredible front-line workers.

They worked tirelessly during these unprecedented times, away from their families and loved ones and selflessly putting their health at risk. As a nation, we honored them nightly, with horns, pot & pans and taking a moment of gratitude for all that they were doing.

We wanted to do more, and so began our campaign, Community for Immunity. A movement that started with supporting our local hospitals, health care facilities and front-line workers with our immune-boosting gummies with the initial plan to donate 10,000 bottles quickly turned into more than we could have imagined.

Community for Immunity 2021

With the message that ​​kindness is not a one-off; it is a dedication and accountability to our community, we ended up surpassing our 2021 goal, taking our campaign nationally and donating over 20,000 bottles of our immune plus gummies to our front-line heroes in over 50 different workplaces across the nation!

Thank you

With full hearts and a ton of gratitude, we announce the end of one of our largest, most memorable campaigns to date.

We thank everyone who joined our Community for Immunity campaign to support our front-line workers and give back to our community.


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