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Take Advantage of the Beautiful Weather - It's Family Fun Month!

The weather we’ve been waiting for is here at last!

August is Family Fun month so look no further for some exciting, family-friendly activities to enjoy. From beach picnics to neighbourhood barbecues, you’ll surely feel inspired to plan your next family outing! 

Family picnic in the park

1. Park picnic

August is the perfect month for picnics with your family. Later sunsets and warmer weather call for a trip to your local park, all you need is a picnic blanket, some delectable treats, and activities to enjoy with the kids. Easy, affordable, and enjoyable, you can take your picnics virtually anywhere, from the beach to your own backyard.


family hiking together

2. Hiking on a beginner trail

Note to self: Hiking is fun! When bringing your family, it's best to do some research on which trails would be most accessible. There are tons of lake trails with low elevations and beautiful views, perfect for younger kids or children in strollers. Make sure you bring lots of water, wear enough SPF (SPF 30 or higher),  and carry bug spray especially if you’ll be near water or walking into the sunset.


Family enjoying a pool

3. Take a trip to the local outdoor pool

Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one that forgot outdoor pools were a thing. They’re still around and are a wonderful way to stay cool this summer with your family! Affordable and timeless, outdoor pools are fun for people of all ages. You can also bring along a picnic for when you’re taking breaks to reapply sunscreen. If you’re in Vancouver, we love Kits pool, which also happens to be the only saltwater pool in town and the LONGEST pool in Canada!


Family at restaurant

4. Visit local restaurants and festivals

Running out of dinner ideas? No problem, visit a local restaurant! Summer is a great time to try new cuisines. If you really like a dish you can even try to recreate it at home! Trying new cuisines and restaurants is a fun way to add spontaneity to your day, and is also great for learning about different food cultures in your neighbourhood. In Vancouver, there are various food festivals like the Food Truck Festival, Italian Food Festival, RibFest, and the BC Dumpling Festival.


5. Host a neighbourhood family bbq

Time to blow the dust off of the barbecue and crank er’ up! This is a super easy and fun way to get to know your neighbours. It’s as simple as writing or printing out some friendly invitations and delivering them personally. You can even request each household to bring a food item potluck-style. 


However you choose to spend the rest of your month, don't forget to bring some healthy gummy snacks to sweeten your adventures! 


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