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A Happy (and healthy) Herbaland Halloween

We all love a good Halloween full of candies and chocolate, but the truth is, most of what we eat on Halloween may not be so good for us…

How can you have a hoot on Halloween but still be healthy?

Check out these 5 ideas!

Remember, it’s about balance

There’s nothing wrong with having something sweet here and there, and letting yourself indulge in your favourite candy or chocolate bar. It’s also important to keep in mind that moderation is also key--both for you and your kids (if you have them). 

Channel your inner Martha Stewart

Halloween doesn’t have to be all about the candy--get creative! If you’re a fan of Halloween, make it a party! Set up a face paint booth on your lawn, make a spooky haunted house, or do pumpkin carving. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the talk of the neighbourhood. Plus, adults love a good pumpkin carving competition.

Branch out

Not all halloween goodies have to be loaded with sugar and bad fats. Whether it’s for adults or kids, trick-or-treaters and party-goers live for non-food items. For kids things like glow sticks, stamps, stickers, cards, and the like are a great way to have some fun without supporting a serious sugar rush.

Think sweet and nutritious

Who says it’s all about the chocolate and chips on Halloween? Why not try something new and offer up fruits (apples, pears, etc.), trail mix loaded with nuts and seeds, dried fruit, or even popcorn! They’re simple ways to still give the sweet or salty taste without all of the nutritional nasties in conventional candy. 

Forego conventional candy

And for those of you that love a good gummy, we’ve got you covered! The Good News Gummies Halloween trick-or-trio is all of the candy without any of the scary parts. The fang-tastic Good News Gummies come in three fruity flavors that would leave any vampire satisfied--Blueberry Ghost, Peach Screams, and Raspberry Spell. Made with all-natural flavors, you’re still getting candy, but better! 


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