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4 Ways To Spoil Your Sweetheart

Here are four thoughtful alternatives to spoiling your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day (minus the sweets) that won’t break the bank!


Why wait until the end of the day to celebrate your love, use the morning as a preview for what’s to come! Try blasting some fun, romantic oldies like Frank Sinatra in your pjs while enjoying banana pancakes in bed with a good cup of coffee and some quality uninterrupted time.  

Avoid the unpredictable February weather and skip the expensive set menus by planning a cozy picnic inside! Grab a fuzzy blanket, a quality bottle of red and a picnic basket filled with your loved ones favourite takeout to set up by the fire before they get home, for a special surprise! Oh, and don’t forget dessert…Dark chocolate dipped strawberries are a yummy, guilt-free way to end a romantic night!

Boxed chocolates are great and all, but they're also a cliche gift idea, filled with sugar that won’t blow your Valentine out of the water. If you want to wow your sweetie and skip all the sugar that comes with ordinary boxed chocolates, try gifting these guiltless goodies. Bonus: try making a gift basket with some of these ideas, you’ll get extra brownie points for creativity!

  • Good News Gummies: a vegan alternative to gummy candies, using clean, whole food ingredients! Made with zero fillers and only 2 grams of sugar per serving! Offered in three yummy flavours: raspberry, blueberry and peach -- delicious and nutritious! You can find these sweets on the Herbaland website, Amazon and big name supplement stores!
  • Glow Chocolate: step-up your chocolate game with superfood infused Glow Chocolates & GLOWBalls, hand-made with love in Vancouver, BC. Using 100% organic ingredients, made vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, sugar and/or refined sugar-free. Glow is about making your chocolate dreams come true! Satisfying any sweet tooth and helping cut sugar You can find these beautifully crafted chocolates at local shops within Vancouver, BC or you can order them directly online -- just in time for Valentine’s Day!
  • Shockingly Healthy: plant-based, gluten-free brownies, cookies & blondies made in Canada. A healthy take on dessert, you can eat everyday not just Valentine’s! Choose from a variety of indulgent and delicious sweets that will hit the spot and sweeten up your day.

For a candlelit night of cooking and dancing. Why bare the craziness of Valentine’s Day reservations, when you can cook something special in the privacy of your own home? If you have kids, call the babysitter, because it’s your night to enjoy with no interruptions! Set up your kitchen oasis with things like candles, flowers, light music, a charcuterie board or fruit a vegetable plate, and glass of champagne with strawberries to set the mood. Then pull out your favourite cookbook and be the chef for the evening. If you want to get a little more hands-on with your cooking and loved one, try making sushi together -- it’s a special way to bond and learn something new if you haven’t tried it before!



With these thoughtful and fun ideas, you will be sure to surprise your sweetheart making them feel extra special and appreciated on Valentine’s Day! The real question is, what ideas are you choosing?


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