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Guilt-Free Sweet Bowl Recipe

Wild Neon Bowl




  1. In a high-speed blender, puree the frozen red pitaya and banana together until you get a smooth consistency. Once the chunks are no longer visible, pour the mixture into an ice cube or chocolate silicone mold 
  2. Place the mold in the freezer and allow it to set - a minimum of 3 hours 
  3. Once the "Nice Cream" has set, prepare your Bowl; use honeydew as a base, pop in the Pitaya "Nice Cream", and add your desired toppings - go wild!


Tips and Tricks

  • Using a silicone mold is important as this makes it easier to pop out the "Nice Cream" once frozen
  • If you want the pink color to be less potent, use less pitaya
  • Not a banana fan? Substitute it for frozen mango or frozen berries; note that the neon pink color might change if you do (especially if substituting it with blueberries or blackberries)


Topping suggestions for this bowl: fresh fruit, granola bar, granola, cereal, coconut whipping cream, etc.. The options are endless!! But the most important topping to include are Herbaland gummies - not only do they provide a contrast in texture compared to the soft fruit and creamy "Nice Cream", but you also get a boost in fibre too!!


This recipe is very simple - you can make it in the morning when it is not too hot. Then freeze it, and enjoy it in the afternoon when the temperature reaches its peak!! Kids can also help make and decorate the bowl - perfect to spend some quality time together 😊 


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