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How to Support Team Canada From Home for the Paris 2024 Olympics

The 2024 Paris Olympics is fast approaching, and with it comes a surge of national pride and excitement. As Canadians, supporting our athletes from home has never been more crucial. Whether you're an avid sports fan or someone who just enjoys the spirit of the Olympics, there are many ways you can show your support for Team Canada without leaving your house. Read below for some engaging and effective ways to cheer on our athletes from afar

1. Tune in and Watch the Games Live

One of the most direct ways to support Team Canada is by watching the events live. Networks like CBC will be broadcasting the games, offering extensive coverage of various sports. Watching live not only boosts viewership ratings but also shows the athletes that Canadians are behind them every step of the way. Set reminders for key events featuring Canadian athletes and invite friends or family to join you, for a watch party viewing experience. Herbaland's Oh My! Canada Maple Syrup gummies are the perfect treat to indulge in while you watch the games with your friends - made in Canada with real Canadian maple syrup, these gummies are the perfect all Canadian treat!

2. Engage on Social Media

Social media platforms are powerful tools for showing support and spreading the word about Team Canada's achievements. Follow and interact with official Team Canada accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Use hashtags like #TeamCanada, #Paris2024, and #GoCanadaGo to join the conversation and create buzz. Sharing posts, commenting with encouraging words, and even creating your own content to cheer on the athletes can significantly boost their morale.

3. Wear Team Canada Merchandise

Show your support by wearing Team Canada merchandise. From jerseys to hats and scarves, donning the red and white is a visual representation of your support. You can purchase official merchandise from the Team Canada website, with proceeds often going to support the athletes. Wearing these items during events or even in your daily activities can spark conversations and spread awareness.

4. Host a Virtual Watch Party

In the age of digital connectivity, distance is no barrier to celebrating together. Host a virtual watch party with friends and family using platforms like Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet. Coordinate a schedule of events, share snacks virtually, and cheer together in real-time. This not only makes watching the Olympics more fun but also builds a community of support around Team Canada.

5. Send Messages of Support

Many Olympic athletes are active on social media and appreciate messages of support from fans. Sending a tweet, an Instagram comment, or even an email through official channels can brighten an athlete's day and let them know their country is cheering them on. Keep your messages positive and encouraging, focusing on the effort and dedication the athletes have shown. We're honored to have worked with Sam Schachter and Dan Dearing, Team Canada Beach Volleyball athletes who will be heading to Paris this summer. Join the Herbaland team to cheer them on as they represent our country!

6. Stay Informed and Share Updates

Staying informed about the latest news and updates from the Olympics is crucial. Follow sports news websites, official Olympic channels, and Team Canada's updates. Sharing this information with your network can help build excitement and support. Whether it’s a medal win, a personal best, or an inspiring story, spreading the news can rally more people to the cause.

7. Participate in Fundraising and Support Initiatives

Supporting Team Canada isn’t limited to cheering; financial support is also essential. Participate in fundraising initiatives or donate directly to programs that support Canadian athletes. Many organizations run campaigns during the Olympics, offering everything from merchandise sales to special events, with proceeds going to the athletes. Your contribution can make a significant difference in ensuring our athletes have the resources they need to compete at their best.

8. Learn About the Athletes

Taking the time to learn about the athletes representing Canada can deepen your connection to the team. Read their bios, follow their journeys, and understand their struggles and triumphs. Knowing their stories makes their successes all the more meaningful and personal. Share these stories with others to spread the inspiration.

9. Promote Healthy Competition and Sportsmanship

The spirit of the Olympics is not just about winning; it's about celebrating human potential and promoting sportsmanship. Encourage discussions around the values of the Olympics, such as excellence, respect, and friendship. By fostering a positive and respectful attitude, you contribute to a supportive environment for all athletes, not just those from Canada.

10. Get Involved Locally

Support doesn't end with the Olympics. Get involved in local sports programs, volunteer with youth sports organizations, and promote physical activity within your community. Supporting the next generation of athletes ensures a strong future for Team Canada.


Remember, every cheer, share, and message of support contributes to the collective spirit that drives our athletes to excel. Let's come together, even from afar, and show the world the true strength of Canadian support. Go Team Canada!


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