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From Bland to Bliss: How We Transform Vitamins into Tasty Delights

At Herbaland, our goal is to transform bland vitamins into tasty delights and make taking your vitamins a blissful experience! Crafting the perfect gummy treat is a delightful blend of science and art that happens behind the scenes at Herbaland. Our incredible team of wizards—well, okay, they're actually food and nutrition scientists, nutritionists, and engineers—join forces to whip up gummies that are yummy AND good for you. 

Now, hold on to your taste buds, because the journey from idea to gummy goodness can vary in length and complexity. It all depends on the ingredients we're working with. With each product, we're on a mission to create a flavor symphony that makes all the gummy's ingredients dance in harmony. Sounds like a piece of cake, right? Well, sometimes it's like solving a tricky puzzle, which is why spend so long perfecting our gummies.

Because everyone's taste buds are unique, we take the time to put our creations to the test. Yup, that's right—multiple rounds of taste-testing! At our monthly R&D meeting, we gather to try all the latest and tastiest gummies. This way, we can use the feedback to tweak and refine until we've got the flavor just right. 

Now, let's chat about the three key parameters that really make or break the gummy experience: sweetness, sourness, and flavor intensity.

First up, sweetness! If we're dealing with ingredients that are a tad on the bitter side (we're looking at you, ashwagandha), a little extra (sugar free) sweetness comes to the rescue. Same goes for those sour superstars like vitamin C. Adding some sweetness balances things out and saves the day.

Now, let's talk about sourness. A touch of sour can turn a regular flavor into something extraordinary. But hey, too much of a good thing can be... well, too much. So, it's all about finding that sweet (or sour) spot.

Last but not least, flavor intensity! It's like Goldilocks and the Three Bears—except with flavors. Too little flavor leaves you wondering, too much flavor gives you an unexpected surprise. We aim for the just-right level of flavor to make your taste buds dance with joy.

Ah, and before we forget, there's a little secret ingredient that goes into every Herbaland gummy: dedication. We've spent countless hours testing, tasting, and dedicating our time to sourcing the highest quality, most sustainable plant-based ingredients in the world. We're all about going green whenever possible, because gummy lovers like you deserve nothing but the very best.

So, whether you're reaching for a gummy snack that'll tickle your taste buds or a multivitamin that'll make you smile, rest assured that every chew is backed by science, passion, and a whole lot of flavor-packed adventure!

Here’s some of our most iconic flavors:

Raspberry flavored Vegan D3 & B12 

hand holding Herbaland vitamin d3 and b12 gummy

Watermelon flavored Glowing Beauty

Raspberry Lemon flavored Iron Plus

Hand holding Herbaland Iron Plus gummies

Passionfruit Jasmine flavored Sweet Dreams

Hand holding Herbaland's Sweet Dreams sleep gummy


Dr Katia Caballero, Herbaland R&D

My name is Dr. Katia Caballero, I have a PhD in Human Nutrition and experience in the fields of food science, biotechnology, and clinical nutrition. I currently work at Herbaland Naturals as a Research and Development Technician, looking to find new and innovative ways to make gummies healthy, nutritious, and fun.


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