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Fueled by Herbaland

Fueling athletes with high quality, clean nutrition

At Herbaland, we strive to support the mental and physical well being of everyone in our community through our holistic approach to nutrition. To support high-performing athletes with safe supplements, our production facility has been NSF certified and GMP registered, ensuring clean nutrition for all.

Sam Schachter and
Dan Dearing

We are proud to support Sam Schachter and Dan Dearing, Canadian pro beach volleyball players, on their journey to Paris 2024. We’ve worked with Sam and Dan since 2022, and we’re honored to be on their team - from the sidelines of course!

Check out some photos from Sam and Dan’s latest win at the Vancouver Open

Sam & Dan x Herbaland Volleyball Scholarship

Herbaland has worked with Sam and Dan to choose two youth volleyball players to win $500 scholarships. These youth athletes were chosen based on their success in their sport, their determination to succeed, and their alignment with Herbaland’s core values.

2023 Winners

Elle Macrae Phoenix Fury - 16U Club team. Nominated by Dan Dearing

“I hope to progress and develop in my performance and become the most confident athlete on the court. I also want to develop a deep understanding of the game, to know how to be the best athlete I can become.”

Kiarah RainfordMarkham Revolution Ice (Select). Nominated by Sam Schachter

“As an athlete I hope to be able to go as far as my body will let me. I hope to be an impact player when I step on the court, and I want to be the type of athlete that joins a game and changes the trajectory of a match. Making mistakes is bound to happen, but learning and adjusting from those mistakes is what separates good athletes from excellent athletes.”

Past Partners

Vancouver Canucks

Preferred partner

UBC Thunderbirds

Preferred partner

Shanice Marcelle & Julie Gordon

Team Canada

What is NSF?

The NSF Certification is the gold standard to ensure the safety, purity and quality of our supplements. With the addition of an NSF label on our product, we assure that our products have met the strict standards and regulations of one of the most respected independent certification organizations worldwide. It also assists athletes, coaches, and sports teams of all calibres make educated decisions when choosing the right supplements. Our Vegan D3 & B12 gummies are NSF Certified for Sport, meaning each batch has been tested to ensure it is safe for high performing athletes.

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Vegan D3 & B12 NSF Certified for Sport

Why did we choose Vegan D3 & B12?

Our most popular product is Vitamin D3 & B12; A sunshine vitamin that our body can’t naturally produce and is more commonly scarce in areas with lots of rain. For athletes, sufficient vitamin D levels are needed to maintain bone health, help prevent muscle/soft-tissue injuries and fight off upper respiratory infections that may have been caused by high volume training at high intensities.

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