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Choosing the Right Omega-3 Supplement for Your Family


Our bodies are unable to produce omega-3s, but they are necessary to human health so don’t forget to pick some out next time you are at your local market or health store. When choosing the right plant-based omega for your family — it all comes down to knowing your ingredients!

MAKING THE RIGHT CHOICE: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

The Good: Whether you are vegan or not, getting a plant omega that you can feel good about has never been easier. Herbaland makes gummies with 100% vegan pectin and our formulas are also sugar-free! Not to mention our plant-based omega-3 gummies have a kick of Vitamin C. Not only are Herbaland’s ingredients better than ‘big box’ brands, but they are also bursting with citrus flavours!

The Bad: I’m talking ‘big box’ company ingredients like glucose syrup, sucrose, sugar, gelatin, canola, lecithin, Brazilian palm tree wax, and yellow beeswax. Less sugar and more sustainability, please! 👌

The Ugly: Brazilian palm tree wax is a fundamental ingredient in many ‘big box’ omega formulas… guys the palm tree is critically threatened. Go PALM FREE and stop supporting big box no-nos.

Protip: HEYO Local Shoppers, 👋 Did you know Canada is the world’s largest producer of flaxseeds? You can take joy in pulling a bottle of ‘Plant Omegas’ off the shelf — chances are it is coming from somewhere not too far from home!

Feelin’ good: Choosing a vegan omega-3 means no more worrying about mercury in your supplements — Double win!


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