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Lomi Approved™

Herbaland’s compostable packaging is now Lomi Approved™! Lomi is a great way to decrease your household food waste, as it turns organic waste into nutrient rich dirt. 

Using a Lomi for a year can help prevent the emissions equivalent of:

Powering a gas car for 576 miles

Burning 257 pounds of coal

Charging a smartphone 28,221 times

Lomi is so easy to use...

  1. Fill: Put all your food scraps, coffee grounds, and Lomi Approved™ products and packaging, which includes Herbaland’s packaging, into your Lomi
  2. Push Button: Start the transformation process by just one push of the button
  3. Reclaim: Take the dirt from your Lomi and reuse it for your garden, green bin or other needs, just depends on the mode you select


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