Calling all Mango lovers, we've got a treat for you!

We have paired up with our local friends at WIZE ICED TEA, a fellow Vancouver-based tea company to bring you a limited edition, exclusive collaboration!

Introducing WIZE Mango Good News Gummies, infused with REAL WIZE MANGO ICED TEA! With these refreshing gummies you can enjoy the amazing benefits of our low-sugar Good News Gummies, in a deliciously unique WIZE Mango flavor.

Wize Iced Tea Good News Gummies

Sold out
  • We love Wize Mango Iced Tea so much that we just had to make gummies with it!
  • Infused with Wize Mango Iced Leaf Tea
  • Only 2g of Sugar and a whopping 15g of Fiber per bag
  • Made with all-natural flavors, it’s candy only better!
  • Buy 6 pouches and save 20%. No code needed.


While making different products, Wize and Herbaland actually have lots in common. Herbaland and Wize make conscious decisions to protect our environment and community. Supporting local is also fundamental in reducing your environmental footprint, and by shopping with businesses in your community, you are making a difference!


For sugar-conscious consumers who want a lightly caffeinated delicious refreshment, Wize Tea creates an award-winning iced tea that has just 1g of sugar, no fake sweeteners, and a balanced, energizing boost. Unlike conventional iced teas, Wize iced tea is crafted with upcycled coffee leaves that create world-changing impact for farmers and your health.

Now that's wize!