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In a few short hours, the forests of the E.C Manning Provincial Park B.C. will be crowded with hikers supporting a strong cause: The Trailblaze Challenge. This is a 40k endurance hike organized by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The main goal is to gain donations so that we can grant the wish of every eligible child living with a critical illness in BC and the Yukon.

Herbaland Naturals is both an event and athlete sponsor. Endurance athlete Michael Lam @mlam604, has taken on the 40k challenge to raise money for this amazing cause!
In the spirit of long-distance hiking, athlete Michael Lam and Herbaland nutritionist Lin Ivey share tips and tricks for successful trailing.

The ABC’s: Long Distance Nutrition Tips

  • Your water intake needs will double during outdoor adventures! Pay special mind to drink lots of fluid on hot weather excursions!

  1. Hydrate pre hike with 4 cups of water in the morning.
    (more now = less to carry later!)
  2. Hydrate on hike with 2 cups of water per hour.
  3. Hydration post hike with 2 cups of water upon rest time.

  • Choose non-perishable, nutrient dense pack snacks: nut butter, nuts, seeds, and energy chews/bars/gels.

  • Long distance hiking requires huge calorie loads! Eat before hunger sets in. You need the calories before your body has the chance to send those signals! Eat a significant snack 30–60 minutes before bed. Your body is restoring as you sleep, it needs a lot of fuel to do so.

  • The 123’s: Long Distance Fitness Tips 

    1. Interval training. Increasing the intensity to bring up your heart rate and then allowing it to come back down before you start again. An example would be 20 second sprints with 40 second easy jog for about 10 minutes.

    2. Diversify. Having a variety of different kinds of training will keep your workouts fun and interesting this can help prevent you from plateauing. Trainings don’t always have to stay in the gym. Instead of cycling on that same treadmill every single day for 45 minutes, try taking an actual bike for a spin around the city!

    3. Consistency. Life happens and sometimes it will be hard to keep up with training, however you must continue your training regimen and find ways to train around your schedule. Harsh conditions may prevent some individuals from training but if you train through harsh conditions, you will be twice as strong. No excuses, results only!

    Click the link below to grant a wish! 

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