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At Herbaland we are committed to protecting our planet for future generations by minimizing our impact through using compostable packaging, choosing clean non-GMO ingredients, all while supporting organic and local farmers to minimize food miles.


Our new compostable packaging helps divert over 1,000 pounds of plastic from the landfill every single year! We also use innovative eco-forming technology that produces less waste and uses less energy to develop our tasty vegan gummies!
Our plans continue to grow for 2020 as we work on launching compostable resealable pouches (in place of bottles) and are now offering zero-waste bulk purchasing. These are just a few of the ways we carve the path as an ethical company to help achieve sustainability and prioritize in eco-friendly business practices! 


As a green company, we truly love finding ways to grow and support our community to preserve the planet. Recently, we were introduced to an innovative low impact company --- LastObject, they have been making a big splash in the zero-waste community because of their creatively sustainable products and company mission. We love what they are doing and want to share their company within our Herbaland Family!
LastObject is a company dedicated to creating sustainable alternatives to single-use personal care items. They believe the age of single-use plastics are coming to an end (and we agree).
Their mission is to bring this belief to life and create a greener future by bringing global attention to the importance of protecting the planet. LastObject was first to bring a reusable swab, Last Swab, to market.
Since, they have launched  Last Tissue, which is the 21st century’s answer to handkerchiefs! Their innovative products are preserving our precious resources by showcasing their creative alternatives for common single-use items.
LastObject is a global sustainability leader giving people all over the globe smart, zero-waste solutions, from Ottawa to New Zealand!
With our passion for protecting Mother Earth, we couldn’t help but want to spread the word about one of their products, LastSwab: an affordable reusable cotton swab! saying goodbye to single-use cotton swabs has never been easier.
Support an amazing company, while saving the world and your dollars, it’s truly a win-win investment!
last swab herbaland gummies


It’s simple --- use LastSwab as you would a regular cotton swab, once you’re done, clean it with your hands in warm, soapy water and store it until your next use.
This product replaces up to 1000 cotton swabs and is very resilient, built to be cleaned thoroughly, therefore enabling long-term use. 
How are conventional cotton swabs impacting the planet? About 1.5 billion cotton swabs are produced each day alone and are a huge source of marine pollution. In addition to cotton swabs, trillions of single-use plastic products are used and disposed of each year, often ending up in our oceans and beaches, consumed by both marine and land wildlife.


By supporting this company, you can help to reduce plastic in the ocean and contribute to a greener more sustainable community!   
The way to create a healthy planet starts with you, the consumer! It begins with the choices you make and the brands you choose to invest in. It’s important to always do your research on your favorite companies and brands so you know what your money is going toward.
Purchasing sustainable products can impact the planet in a positive way by reducing carbon emissions, supporting renewable sources and materials, and contributing to keeping our oceans plastic-free, ALL of which lower YOUR footprint!

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