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Herbaland's Zero-Waste Solutions

We know there is no Planet B

We must do what we can to care for the planet that takes care of us!


At Herbaland, this starts with sourcing sustainably grown ingredients. We ensure our ingredients are non-GMO and organic to guarantee that they are grown and harvested in the best conditions. 


Next, Herbaland is leading low energy manufacturing! We use an innovative manufacturing process that uses high-quality steel moulds that produces the cleanest gummies. This Eco-Forming Technology helps Herbaland minimize our carbon footprint while making the most delicious gummies.


Lastly, we switched to 100% compostable packaging in 2019 and we are not looking back! Made from wood and starch, these pouches help to greatly reduce the stress we put on our planet. This small change diverts 5.8 tons of plastic from landfills annually. Enjoy your gummies 100% guilt-free knowing that they are good for you and for the planet.


Check out some ZERO-WASTE stores that sell Herbaland across Canada!


Kreger's Krates 

Kreger's Krates herbaland gummies


Kreger’s Krates was brought from dream to reality just one year ago! We are nestled in the Municipality of Red Lake Ontario in a small town called Balmertown! We are surrounded by trees, wildlife and gorgeous scenery amongst mining headframes.


We had the dream to become our own bosses and open a family business. Our daughter Chloe came up with the name. What was to be a Bulk Store with a few gifts turned into a lot more.


After doing some research Lori stumbled across NuGrocery in Ottawa and virtually met Sia, one of the founders of NuGrocery. From there we added the Zero Waste aspect into our dream. May 3rd will mark our one-year anniversary and what year it has been!


Purple Carrot 

purple carrot herbaland gummies


Purple Carrot is a local, women-owned and operated small business. They are passionate about health, the planet and their local Southern Albertan community, Lethbridge to be exact. 


They believe it is important to give back to the community that supports you and therefore we support our community whenever they can. They aim to provide unique, high quality, environmentally responsible, clean foods. They are always looking for a better, cleaner, tastier product to put on our shelves. Healthy eating should be fun and delicious!


Purple Carrot feel that they have a responsibility to change how they produce, perceive and deal with waste. They encourage waste reduction and provide the opportunity to refill many different items including (but not limited to) kombucha, shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, laundry detergent, household cleaners, bulk foods, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, herbs and spices.


They feel blessed that they get to make choices that positively impact the local environment. When they have a choice, purple Carrot aims to always choose better. They work tirelessly to provide their community with the best products possible. They are constantly thinking, changing, upgrading and refining who they are and what they do.

The Soap Dispensary & Kitchen Staples

Soap Dispensary Kitchen Staples herbaland gummies

Since 2011, The Soap Dispensary & Kitchen Staples has been Vancouver's go-to destination for refilling premium soaps, cleaners, and personal care products. They also refill locally-made artisan food, quality pantry staples and hard to find plastic-free ingredients.


Their mission is to help Vancouverites reduce packaging waste and plastic pollution. They are huge supporters of local suppliers and businesses and love partnering with brands that are committed to sustainability - like Herbaland.


They have grown from their small, humble little shop with about 50 bulk products to today refilling over 800 bulk items.


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