The Importance of K2 and Bone Health

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Learn how this vitamin plays a crucial role in calcium metabolism, the synergistic relationship it has when taken with Vitamin D3 and why it should be a key ingredient in your calcium supplement!



what is vitamin k

The first thing to note is that there are two types of Vitamin K that come from different sources:


K1 - Found in plants such as leafy green

K2 - Found in both fermented foods and animal foods  

Vitamin K1 is used by the liver to help with blood clotting and prevent excessive bleeding, however, Vitamin K2 has a completely different role in the body! It works outside of the liver and is essential for calcium metabolism, by activating calcium binding proteins that help build and maintain bones. K2 can also prevent calcification, which is known to lead to injury, inflammation and more serious issues like heart disease and even cancer. It has been said that Vitamin K is the missing link between the Standard American Diet and common diseases as it’s not widely available in foods.



vitamin k2 vitamin d3


Vitamin K2 and D3 have a synergistic relationship when it comes to calcium absorption. This duo allows calcium to effectively reach bone mass, so it is easily absorbed, while preventing calcification to the blood vessels and kidneys. New research has showcased significant benefits for bone and cardiovascular health when vitamin K2 and D3 are taken together. It’s important that you don’t take one of these vitamins without the other to control and maintain calcium levels.


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As mentioned, K2 prevents calcium from being deposited into the arteries which is associated with a lower risk for developing cardiovascular disease. Due to its significant impact on helping build and maintain healthy bones, K2 may also reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis when taken adequately. Recent studies have shown a link between K2 supplementation and increased survival times in both prostate and liver cancer patients, although more long-term research is needed, it has shown great benefit so far and is an important vitamin to consider getting more of!



how to get more vitamin k2


Increasing the foods in your diet that contain this vitamin is a great start to improving your intake! These foods include dark leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables, some fermented foods, eggs, fish, meat and fortified cereals - but, diet alone is not sufficient to meet our body’s needs! That’s because these foods contain a low amount of Vitamin K, and it can also be hard for our bodies to effectively convert K1 to K2, therefore taking a supplement is always recommended!


vitamin k2 supplement


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Author: Kali Pappas, Nutritionist

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