Herbaland CHFA WEST 2020 Recap

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Thank You


Lots of prizes given out at the Herbaland Prize Wheel during CHFA West Weekend


The team at Herbaland would like to thank everyone who made it to CHFA and stopped by our booth! We shared some exciting announcements during this week, from our new compostable pouches, to showing off a sneak peek of our latest SKU, hosting an educational talk and sampling our latest products at the show! We had a blast meeting and connecting with each and every one of you, and of course, educating our consumers and buyers! We hope you had the chance to enjoy a few tasty samples from some of our newest products like: Electrolyte Sport for Adults, Immune Plus or even take some home.


Did You Attend?


The entire Herbaland product line was available for testing!


If you were lucky enough to check it out, our team also hosted a talk on the importance of chewing your vitamins and combatting capsule fatigue. This educational seminar first touched on how we became one of the fastest growing Canadian companies in British Columbia and our 2020 goal to become greener! We were able to achieve this goal by introducing our 100% compostable pouches for all our products, diverting 6 tons of plastic per year -- wow! Following our exciting news for the company, we broke down the importance of chewing and what happens during the process, activating enzymes and hormones, which signal the brain to communicate with our stomachs! In contrast to the importance of chewing vitamins, we also discussed something lesser known that happens when taking vitamins in the form of a pill, known as “pill fatigue” -- this can easily develop after having to take an abundance of pills, which is seen in elderly, children and many healthy adults. We ended our talk on market insights, introduced our newest sku: Acai Berry Twist and showcased three new products that will be coming to shelves soon! For all of you that made it to the talk, we are grateful for your attendance, we hope you enjoyed our presentation and learned something new -- thank you for chewing!    


Attending CHFA is integral to the company as it allows us to strengthen relationships between customers, other brands and our partners, in addition to connecting with and creating new customers. It is also important for us to meet the people who help take our company to the next level, we love educating and interacting with all of you. We couldn’t do it without the help from our community and everyone involved, so from the bottom of our hearts we genuinely want to thank you and share our appreciation. Thanks for stopping by and making great memories, until next year!


Zero waste sampling was a big success for Herbaland at CHFA West 2020!

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