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Healthy for the Holidays: Melissa Vogel

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Today's Healthy for the Holidays Tip is from Melissa Vogel aka @melissavogelfit | prioritizing your workouts 

Melissa says, "One of the best pieces of advice that I give to my clients is to physically schedule their workout sessions on their calendar.
I highly recommend doing this all year long, but it's especially important to do during the busy holiday season. Between the shopping, holiday parties, school activities, concerts, decorating, etc your workouts can easily be put on the back burner.

However, if you take the time to sit down every Sunday evening, open your planner or calendar, and schedule your gym and exercise time you are more likely to actually get the job done.  This will allow you to plan ahead so you know exactly when and where you have the room for your essential fitness and alone time.
Otherwise, you will enter your busy work week with only hopes and dreams of finding time to workout…And trust me the odds are not in your favor.
I tell my clients all the time that your workouts are important business meetings that you DO NOT CANCEL! You put them down in the books and take them seriously. You might need to reschedule to another day or time due to unforeseen circumstance, but you don't cancel. ⠀

@melissavogelfit is a certified personal trainer, certified group fitness instructor, food and lifestyle coach, and major babe. 
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