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Sustainability: New Compostable Pouches

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Team Herbaland is proud to announce that we have taken the next step in our commitment to the planet, and introduce you to our New compostable pouches! If you're interested in learning more, keep reading to find answers to our FAQs or check out our press release here.




When will these be available?

Protein gummies in their amazing earth-friendly packaging are available for pre-order right now from our website! They will ship out by the beginning of next week (est. ship date: April 22)

Please note, that it will take a while longer for our retail partners to receive stock of the compostable pouches, as both our retail partners and distributors have stock they need to use first. All of our compostable packages are clearly marked so you can dispose of your pouches appropriately.

Did the price go up?

Yes. The reality is that making environmentally friendly packaging options is just more expensive at this point, but we believe that our planet is worth the investment!

Is there anything special I need to do with it?

Be sure to dispose of it with your compostable waste -- not in the regular trash! This pouch is awesome because it is OK for compost, both at home and in industrial compost facilities.

Does it look different?

Herbaland's new compostable packaging looks almost identical to our previous packaging - but now each pouch has a little compostable reminder! Where you're likely to notice the difference is in the way it feels - it has a more natural, papery texture.

Why is this better than the old packaging?

The old packaging was made using traditional plastic packaging film. Petroleum-based plastics can take between 100-500 years to break down. Herbaland's new compostable packaging material, on the other hand, can break down completely within 90-120 days! And because it's compostable - it won't leave behind any traces that it was there.

As a note: It's easy to see why many companies continue to use plastic: it is easier to stick to the status quo. We're here to tell everyone, that truly eco-friendly options are out there and with a little research, and a lot of heart, any company can elevate their practices.

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Herbaland's new Compostable Pouch for Protein Gummies is Earth Friendly and Sustainable


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