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Lemons for Days - Vitamins For Kids

Do you get vitamins for your kids? Have you thought about it before? The wonderful Lemons For Days did an amazing blog post outlining our Kids Vitamin Gummies and how she incorporates them in her and her kids daily routine.

Vitamins for Kids - Making Health Fun

Can you believe this weather lately?! It is so damn cold! When the temperatures drop this drastically (high of -28 C here in YYC) and it’s so frigid, we can’t let the kids out to play at all. We try to do as much as possible inside to keep them entertained. Unfortunately, at this time of year, I find that we all start to get the sniffles and feel a little run down, so we try to stay on top of our health and immune systems as much as we can.

I first discovered Herbaland this past summer at a natural foods market in Kimberley, BC and thought I’d pick up some vitamin gummies for the kids. Ever since, I’ve been purchasing in bulk because my four-year-old, Henry, won’t have it any other way. He literally springs out of bed each morning and yells “GUMMIES!!!”

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